Water Damage Restoration: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage restoration is the process of restoring a property back to pre-loss condition after sustaining water damage. The standard procedures in this process, accepted by most damage restoration companies, are based upon the S500 procedural standards of the IICRC.

2. How long will water damage drying process take?

While situations differ, most properties take approximately 3-5 days to dry completely. Factors determining drying time including location, source of water, type of building materials, weather conditions, and how quickly emergency services begin. Determination of completion of the process is based upon through, consistent monitoring and evaluation of the water damage restoration process.


3. Do you bill my insurance company?

Yes. As a courtesy to our customers, we submit all of your water damage restoration paperwork to your insurance company. But, homeowner insurance policy coverage varies with individual policies. Thus, it is very important to thoroughly read your insurance policy for details regarding your water damage coverage. Some insurance policies, for example, include details regarding your responsibilities for basic emergency remedies such as shutting off the water to prevent further damage. Be prepared to supply supporting materials for the claim. Some of these documents include claim number, policy number, and insurance company information. In the case that your claim isn’t covered by your insurance provider you will be responsible for all payments.

Throughout the claim process, you must keep good records of your property damage, related repairs, and conversations with your insurance company. Make sure to keep records of all repairs and expenses with receipts, take photographs of the damages, and document all conversations in written format with dates. Doing so will help to minimize the risk of any misunderstanding between you and your insurance company and will also help to protect your consumer rights.

If you decide to file a claim of water damage, contact your insurance company and describe the damage in written or verbal format. In general, your insurance company should make written or verbal contact within 72 hours of notice of your claim. According to the Florida Department of Financial Services (FL DFS, 2007) the insurance company representative should provide the following:

  • name and contact information of a company representative who will oversee your claim
  • information on emergency repairs and mold prevention
  • determination as to whether or not your claim is covered under the terms of your policy
  • advisement on your responsibilities under the terms of your insurance policy

4. When do I need to pay?

Payment is collected once service is rendered. It is your responsibility to pay the deductible on the day of service, unless specified otherwise by your claims representative. In the case of self pay, we will need to collect full payment on the day of service.


5. Do I need to move out?

If you file an insurance claim, you may receive guidance from your insurance representative. We do not require that residents move out during the water damage drying process, however, safety is paramount. Children must be keeped away for the equipment and air movers and dehumidifiers create some noise and make your property drafty.

If water damage is so severe that you cannot stay in your home, you may need to find a temporary living arrangement. In this case, check your homeowner insurance policy for additional living expense (ALE) coverage. In general, ALE benefits cover extra costs for housing as well as reasonable expenses for moving and setup of temporary housing (relocation, storage, utility installation and/or furniture rentals), food, and expenses accrued for transportation to work or school (FL DFS, 2007).

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