Hurricanes: Be Prepared

Florida Storm Damage Repair

Florida has a long history of severe weather including thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Property owners all across Florida are always on alert during hurricane season as a major storm can cause extensive storm damage.

What Can You Do? Get a Plan!


The 2016 Hurricane season is predicted to be very active. Be sure to have a family plan and brush up on your hurricane safety.

The state of Florida and Florida county disaster preparedness agencies work closely with FEMA and the national weather service to try and alert residents to all major storms, create contingency plans to help ensure the safety of its residents, as well as assist with the storm damage clean up process. Take some time to visit the storm preparation center in your local county and help your family prepare for an emergency:

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arrow   Indian River County Disaster Preparedness

arrow   St. Lucie County Disaster Preparedness

arrow   Palm Beach County Disaster Preparedness

Major storms bring high winds, rising tides and create property repair expense for the property owners. Flooding, falling trees, broken electrical lines, and blown out windows are all common after a major storm.

Pro-active disaster preparation is vital. Pre-planning for a hurricane disaster is one of the most crucial aspects of storm preparedness and the number one priority with hurricanes is for the personal safety of you and your family. Florida's restoration companies are set up to help homeowners and property owners protect their homes prior to a storm arriving by boarding up windows, securing and storing yard items to reduce potential damages to your home.

The good news for Florida property owners is that emergency restoration companies are prepared to help restore properties from any damage incurred. Today, restoration companies can quickly respond to water damage emergencies and immediately begin to help restore the property. If severe flooding occurs, restoration companies can extract water at rates as high as twenty thousand gallons per hour with the aid of specialty equipment.

Mold is an issue a property owner faces after a storm. If they fail to properly address mold clean up issues in their homes it can grow in as little as forty eight hours. Restoration companies can use multiple types of dehumidifiers and air dryers to immediately begin drying out your home and help you avoid the potential mold that could start to grow.

The most common reaction after a storm disaster is panic. Having a pre- and post-disaster plan is critical to ensure your safety and help minimize the damages to your home. The first thing every property owner should do immediately after a damaging storm is to check for damaged or down power lines in and around your home. When in doubt, contact your local utility company and avoid turning on your electricity if there is substantial water damage. If you have standing water in your home, there is also the potential this water could contain toxins and bio hazards, so never expose pets or small children to these elements if at all possible. If your home has severe damage from falling debris, a professional restoration company can help you with emergency roof tarps or repairs and may assist you with boarding up your home if you have broken or damaged windows.

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