Hurricanes: Be Prepared

Hurricane Resistant Panel

Alcoa announced the introduction of a new, durable architectural panel system to help provide protection from the damage of hurricane wind-borne debris.

Called Reynobond(R) with KEVLAR(R), the durable architectural panel system is designed to withstand wind-borne debris and wind speeds common in hurricanes such as a Category 3 storm. (Category 3 hurricanes have wind speeds up to 130 mph). Reynobond with KEVLAR fiber acts as a safety net by helping to protect the facades of buildings from hurricane-propelled debris, frequently the main culprit of hurricane damage.

Reynobond with KEVLAR, combines the weight and flexibility benefits of Alcoas Reynobond aluminum composite material, with the impact-resistant strength that comes from DuPont(TM) KEVLAR fiber. The two companies collaborated to develop this new product that addresses a growing issue in the market place. By introducing a thin layer of fabric made from KEVLAR fiber between the Reynobond aluminum skins and polyethylene core, Alcoa has created the only light, flexible aluminum composite material that can, on its own, withstand hurricane-propelled debris and similar types of impact.

Alcoa has successfully tested panels of Reynobond with KEVLAR which passed rigorous simulated hurricane impact tests conducted by Hurricane Test Laboratory, LLC in Florida including the large missile impact test, involving a 9-pound 2X4 timber traveling at 50 feet per second, as stipulated by the Miami-Dade Building Code. Official approval of the product from the Miami-Dade County Building Code Compliance Office is pending.

Reynobond with KEVLAR is an ideal cladding material for the facades of commercial office and public buildings, such as schools, libraries, museums, hospitals and other small and mid-sized structures in hurricane prone areas like the U.S. Gulf region, said Eric Bassel, President of Alcoa Architectural Products.

Easy Installation; Cost Effective Alternative

The Alcoa created panel system is the first and only aluminum composite panel system to eliminate the need for protective backer materials such as plywood and concrete masonry blocks. Only insulation material is required. Panel modules can be shop-fabricated and quickly and easily mounted onto structural steel studs at the job site, significantly reducing installation time and labor costs as compared to other facades such as brick and stucco.

New Reynobond with KEVLAR is a smart alternative to traditional fascia materials such as brick and stucco, particularly in hurricane zones. Plus it provides added value for architects, building owners, and general contractors because of its unlimited design possibilities, said Bassel. Reynobond with KEVLAR opens up multiple design options because it can be fabricated to meet the most complex design specifications such as angles and curves while offering the flat, smooth and consistent surface of aluminum composite material.

Reynobond with KEVLAR can be rolled, routed, drilled and fabricated to the most complex design specifications. In addition, the installation system can be fabricated into both wet seal and aesthetic dry seal joint conditions using the same extrusions, while also adding the flexibility of adjusting the joint width to the design specification.

Furthermore, Reynobond with KEVLAR can be used on the bottom two floors of a structure and match seamlessly with standard Reynobond used on the upper floors. Used together, these two Alcoa products offer an ideal solution, Bassel said. This is important since Florida building codes require that panel systems in high velocity wind zones provide the protection that Reynobond with KEVLAR offers up to 30 feet above ground. Standard Reynobond aluminum composite material passes the small wind borne debris test that is required above 30 feet.

In addition, initial costs for material and installation are more in line with traditional materials, but require less maintenance over the lifetime of the product because no repainting is required, he continued.

Highly Engineered Solution

Reynobond with KEVLAR is a lightweight aluminum composite material that helps provide protection for a building structure with a superior strength to weight ratio further enhanced by the extraordinary high strength of DuPont(TM) KEVLAR brand fiber, which is five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis. KEVLAR is used around the world as the life-saving material in bullet-resistant vests and body armor. In this application, KEVLAR provides superior impact resistance, similar to how it works as a protective barrier around jet turbine blades and luggage containers for aircraft to help shield passengers from flying debris should an explosion occur.

Reynobond with KEVLAR shares the same benefits of durability and versatility as traditional Reynobond aluminum composite material, which is used around the world in a wide range of interior and exterior architectural and specialty applications. Plus, Reynobond with KEVLAR enjoys the same limitless range of colorful hues as traditional Reynobond aluminum composite material, providing the added bonus of greater architectural aesthetics.

Reynobond with KEVLAR will initially be available throughout U.S. hurricane-related markets from Texas to Florida and north to Maine and then globally.

Strength, Enhanced

When you want to make a strong design statement, Reynobond composite panels are the natural choice. Reynobond is remarkably strong, exceptionally flat and surprisingly light. Making it so formable that even the most difficult architectural concepts are easy to accomplish. Like dramatic curves. Daring angles. And innovative trapezoidal shapes. Whatever you have in mind, the Reynobond family of products - including new, hurricane-resistant Reynobond with KEVLAR - gives you the strength and flexibility to achieve it.

Exceptionally Flat

The strong, rigid construction of Reynobond with KEVLAR consists of a polyethylene core with KEVLAR fabric between two sheets of aluminum. This creates a flat surface that virtually eliminates dimpling, buckling and oil canning.

Daringly Formable

Reynobond with KEVLAR is easily routed, drilled, punched, cut, bent, curved and precisely formed via these and other fabrication techniques to achieve small-radius curves, reverse curves, angles and other shapes, to create dramatic and distinctive designs.

Surprisingly Light

The light weight of Reynobond with KEVLAR allows a wide variety of design options. Installation is quick and easy. For renovation work, building panels can often be installed with little or no alteration to existing structural elements.

Distinctively Colorful

The high-performance coating systems available for Reynobond with KEVLAR provide outstanding color and gloss retention in a virtually limitless range of hues. Standard and custom finishes are available, including anodic colors. Continuous-coil application ensures consistent, long-lasting color.

Easily Integrated

Reynobond with KEVLAR integrates easily with the curtain wall provided by most manufacturers. The result is a seamless look for a buildings facade - with the added design characteristics that only Reynobond can offer.

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