Fire: What To Know

Emergency Board Up Service

One Call Property Services provides Emergency Board Up Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Be it fire, storm damage, burglary or vandals, for whatever reason, you need to protect your property. Time is critical after a fire or weather disaster and a first priority is to get your property secured.  Often, doors and windows are damaged, leaving unsecured access to your property. 

We pride ourselves in our timely response by our Disaster and Emergency Response Teams after a fire, vandalism, or weather emergency to ensure the necessary steps are taken to safeguard you and your property and belongings from further damage.

Our Emergency Board Up Service Includes:

  • Comprehensive Damage Assessment to Structure and Contents
  • Roof Tarp Covering
  • Securing and Enclosing All Openings
  • Temporary Building Enclosures
  • Barricades
  • Debris Removal
  • Temporary Electric
  • Direct Billing to Insurance Carriers

The State of Florida has adopted the Florida Fire Prevention Code, NFPA Life Safety Code, and the Florida Building Code. Protecting a building from the weather or from illegal entry, after a fire or weather disaster, is not only a smart economic decision but a legal responsibility that can be accomplished by hardening the target with the proper board up procedures. In Florida, after a fire department crew leaves the scene, the property owner is faced with a decision on how to best secure the building. Although local ordinances vary slightly from one city to another within Florida, their Fire Protection code reads something like:

"Every person owning or having charge or control of any vacant building or premises shall remove all combustible storage, waste, refuse, and vegetation and shall lock, barricade, or otherwise secure all windows, doors, and other openings to prohibit entry by unauthorized persons."

Not meeting the requirement of the local city ordinance will result in an ongoing daily fine or the city will do the board up procedure themselves and put a lean on the property for the cost involved.

In addition to meeting city and Florida state requirements, proper board-up procedures are an insurance concern. The insurance company will usually pay for the services of a board up crew, and if steps are not taken to protect the property then the insurance company may not cover any additional losses resulting from not protecting the property from further loss.

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