Letters From Clients

September 1, 2010

To whom it may concern;

I am writing this letter to tell you about our recent experience with One Call Property Services Inc.

Our office is right next door to Dunkin Donuts. We arrived on Monday morning to find the carpet in our hallway soaking wet. After finding that the water had come from next door, we called a service we were familiar with, who came right out and brought large fans to dry us out.

When it was determined that we needed to have the floorboards removed, I contacted the owners of the building. They send Joshua from One Call and our problems were on their way to being solved. After removing the floorboards, it was determined that there was mold in the walls. Our office had been flooded once before by Dunkin, but we just dried up the water and went about our business, never realizing what had started. We have a security system and Mr. Campbell was out of town, so Joshua made arrangements with me to come and let the workers in and our of the office. I live close to the office, so this was not a problem. On Friday evening, before we closed, they began brining their equipment. There was no disruption of our business and by the time I left, they had sealed up our office areas and had begun their work. I was told that they were going to work all weekend so that our office would not be interrupted by what needed to be done. When we came back to work on Monday, the areas in the walls with mold had been treated, covered with visqueen and taped up. The crew had cleaned everything up and our office was left like this for a while, due to Dunkin’s insurance having to approve further work. When the job was finished recently, the work was done very well, everything looks brand new and they even did a few extras! They had a cleaning service come in when they were done and left things spotless.

We could recommend One Call for any type of work that you would need done. They are very professional, considerate of a business and having a schedule and getting things done as promised.


Karen E. Scott, Administrative Assistant


Craig C. Campbell, State Farm Insurance Agency Inc.
4330 NW Federal Hwy,
Jensen Beach, FL 34957

Cc: One Call Property Services Inc., 7 J’s Investment

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